Q. What is a community based Pre-School?

Community-based Pre-School is a not-for-profit service. The profit from trading is re invested in the service and put back into resources and equipment for the Pre-School, while for-profit and corporate services are operated with the intention of profits being returned to the owners or shareholders.

Q. What are your normal hours of operation?

Our regular hours of operation are between 8.30am to 4.00pm. 

Q. Are you open during the school holidays?

No, please note that our Pre-School does not charge fees during this period, or on public holidays, or gazetted local public holidays.

Q. Is there a charge to be on the waiting list?

No, our office staff will contact you when it is your child’s turn to be placed in the Pre-School. If at any stage you wish to remove your child’s name please contact the Pre-School.

Q. Do you have Trained Staff?

Yes. Our centre employs 1 Qualified Early Childhood Teacher, 3 Diploma Trained staff, and 1 Certificate 111 Childcare worker . In total, our team of educators offer over 80 years’ experience in childcare. Our centre also has higher staff to children ratios as required by the Department of Education and Care Services, to provide your child with the highest possible quality educational experience.

Q. Do you provide the children with food?

No, families are asked to pack a healthy morning tea and lunch for their child. We are supported by the Good for Kids program that promote healthy eating, upon enrolment you will receive our policies and further information on recommended foods. We also ask that parents provide the child with a drink bottle filled with water. Educators refill it when needed. Please note that our Pre-School has a strict no nuts policy, and recommends that families follow the NSW Health, Good for Kids good for life dietary requirements for children.

Q How soon do I need to put my child’s name down to attend your Pre-School?

Our Pre-School has families on our waiting list, therefore the sooner the better. Please complete our online waiting list form. You will then be placed onto our waiting list and contacted when a position becomes available.

Q. What are your daily fees?

Please contact our centre directly for details of fees payable as we offer reduced fees for disadvantaged and low income families.

Q. Is the Pre-School affiliated with the church?

No, Hamilton Community Pre-School is an independent organisation who leases the premises from the church.

Q. What is an Individual Objective?

Educators create and complete individual objectives for each child that encompass the EYLF 5 outcomes, these are determined by educators knowledge of the child and their experience in the field of early childhood, parents input through informal chats and formal meetings such as parent teacher interviews. Educators also invite parents to comment on area/s that they wish educators to assist their child’s development and progress. The individual objectives target the children’s strengths, interests and areas of need, all educators support the children to meet, excel or work towards achieving their unique goal/s.

Q. What is Reflective Daily Journal?

It is the program that educators write jottings in about the children’s learning for the day. It is used as a tool for reflecting on how educators can extend the child’s understanding. Families are encouraged to write in it to share information about the child. It is displayed at the end of the day on the notice board for you to read and comment.

Q. Can I volunteer at the Pre-School?

Yes, we love parent help. There are many ways you can be involved in the Pre- School, this can be by:-

  • Helping on excursions
  • Visiting the children to talk about a topic
  • Helping the children at play
  • Being a committee member
  • Helping maintain the gardens and vegetable beds
  • Helping educators maintain materials for the children
  • Coming to our family events

Q. Do you have sleep time throughout the day?

No, but we do provide the children with a quiet area and opportunity to rest if they are tired.

Q. How can I be on the management committee?

The Pre-School has an Annual General Meeting in March this is when you can be nominated to be on the committee

Q. What do I bring on my child’s first day?

It is important that the child can firstly recognise his/her belongings so take the child with you when you buy your Pre-School essentials. You will need:-

  • A large back pack – also buy something to hang off the zipper for your child to recognise
  • Morning tea box
  • Lunch box.
  • Spare change of clothes including underwear and socks.
  • Broad-rimmed or sensible hat. (Needs to link to Pre-School T-Shirts and Hats)
  • Drink bottle filled with water.

Please remember to LABEL everything, including school bag.