Waiting list and fees

For parents wishing to enrol their child at Hamilton Community Pre-School we have a waiting list form for you to download. Please fill in the form and send back to us. If you are unable to print the form please contact us on 4969 2893 and we will post one to you or please feel welcome to pop in for a visit. All information supplied on the Waiting List Form is treated confidential and must be accurate.

As a requirement of funding, during the enrolment process, children are selected from the waiting list on a “Priority Basis”.

Priority 1 – 3 to 5 year old children whose families are from low income (health care card must be supplied see example), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. This group receive the largest reduction of daily fees.

Priority 2 – children going to school the following year (those who turn 4 years on or before the 31st

Priority 3 – Children aged 3 years

For fee relief to apply the documents needed to support which priority level applies to you must be sighted by educators and a copy will be taken at the Pre – School. Bree our Clerical will contact you when it is your child’s turn to be placed in the Pre-School.


  • Our Clerical Staff can give you a cost on your fees upon request.
  • A bond equal to two weeks fees is required prior to enrolment. This bond is refundable when the child’s position has been forfeited or at the end of the year.
  • The Pre-School has 2 compulsory charges being Flashdrive of $25.00 - educators use this for recording your child’s documentations and a lot more information, it is given to you before your child goes to school. Children’s library fee of $5.00 – this is an opportunity to borrow the Pre-schools children’s book to be read at home
  • If your child does not attend due to illness or other reasons, fees still must be paid for the period he/she was absent.
  • Fees are not applied for public holidays