About Us

We offer specialised educational programs that are embedded in the children’s

learning day. These include:-

  • School readiness including Jolly Phonics and group skills
  • Individual objectives that target each child’s learning and developmental needs.
  • Visual arts
  • Music groups
  • Independence and self help skills
  • Large language group
  • Sustainability
  • Comprehensive individual progressive development of gross motor skills, namely the Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Empathy and social development
  • Kids Safety Program
  • Detailed individual documentations that tell the story of your child’s learning with comprehensive linkages to the EYLF and National Quality Standards, A thorough Analysis of Learning with references to early childhood researchers and theorists


The routines at the Pre-School are adapted regularly according to the seasons, and the needs of the children at the service. The routines incorporate times of active outdoor play, indoor free play, music and language times, quiet play and small group times. The routine is determined by the children’s interests and is flexible to meet their needs. Routines are developed to ensure children are given opportunities to develop responsibility and independence. The healthy development of a positive self esteem and independence is a vital aim in the Pre-School.

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