Education and Program

Hamilton Community Pre-School has adopted the Early Years Learning Framework for programming we write daily jottings in our Reflective Daily Journal. These jotting note the fun, interactions and tells a brief story about the child at play. This is then reflected upon by educators to promote and extend the child’s learning next time they are at Pre-School.

Educators’ area of strength is programming, it is play and interest based,this means that educators intentionally plan carefully how to use play-based activities as one tool to promote the learning that will achieve the EYLF outcomes. Throughout the day educators use any opportunity to promote the children’s learning by providing both planned and spontaneous experiences, making our Pre-School a fun, motivational and educational service to be enrolled at.

Educators utilise their strengths, experiences and understanding of the children by providing challenging environments that will motivate them to discover, explore, invent, hypothesize and master skills. This is achieved by offering creative, innovative, spontaneous, insightful and fun experiences.

We support the children to develop relationships that enable them to work together, collaborate and be co-contributors. The experiences educators provide promote the children’s feelings of success and optimism as they act as their own agents and make their own choices.

Educators also support the children to develop compassion, understanding, acceptance and tolerance through embracing inclusive practices. Hamilton Community Pre-School acknowledges and supports the process of children’s play. These are documented in the Daily Reflective Journal (or program) and we use Storypark which holds detailed accounts of the children’s learning. We encourage our  families to read, to comment upon and offer feedback and suggestions through Storypark.

Educators provide learning environments are flexible and open ended and provide children with the opportunity to take appropriate risks in their learning.

What makes us unique?

We offer specialised educational programs that are embedded in the children’s learning day. These include:-

  • Group Skills through Language and Music group times
  • Individual objectives that target each child’s learning and developmental needs.
  • Visual arts
  • Independence and self help skills
  • Sustainability
  • Development of gross motor skills, namely the Fundamental Movement Skills.
  • Cultural experiences
  • Yarning Circle
  • STEM
  • Empathy and social development
  • Kids Safety Program
  • Excursion and Incursions
  • Detailed individual documentations that tell the story of your child’s learning with comprehensive linkages to the EYLF and National Quality Standards, A thorough Analysis of Learning with references to early childhood researchers and theorists