School Readiness


‘School readiness’ is a measure of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable children to participate and succeed in school. School readiness is about the development of the whole child – their social and emotional skills, physical skills, communication skills and cognitive skills. Children cannot thrive at school if they haven’t developed the skills to manage things like getting along with other children, following instructions, and communicating their needs.

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Family Resources

School Finder - Find the school your child will attend by entering your address.

Public School Enrolment Form. 

Hamilton Community Preschool School Readiness Information Booklet - Information from the Educators.

Getting Ready for School - a booklet with tips and checklists to help parents prepare their child for Kindergarten.

Getting Ready for School - A guide for parents of a child with a disability. Also available in other languages.

NSW Foundation Style Writing Guide.

Early childhood literacy and numeracy: Building good practice

Bridging the Gap - Transitions in School Life - Learning Links

Getting Ready for School - Community NSW

Getting Ready for School - Practical tips for smoothing the transition - Learning Links

Children Resources

Daisy's First Day a children's book about Daisy the koala on her first day at primary school.

Say hello to School - A reading book for Aboriginal families

A Special Place - A book all about starting school.

On my First day - A collection of Messages from Kindergarten and year 1 Students.

Books in our Parent Library on site.                                                    (please see Educator if you would like to borrow any of our books)

Reading Magic - Mem Fox

Your Child's first year at school: A Book for Parents- Jenni Connors and Pam Linke

Your Child Can Fly: Skills for school - Lisa Sloan and Jennifer Kemp

Continuity of Learning, A resourse to support effective transition to school and school age care.

Everyday Learning About Reading and Writing - Leonie Arthur

Reading Together Parents Handbook - Myra Barrs

The Reading Bug - Paul Jennings

Open A World of Possible - Lois Bridges

On the Go:  Adventures in Reading - Disney Learning

Home Reader -Floating Goat - Nora Gayos

Home Reader -A Pike Glides - Nora Gayos

Home Reader -Speeding Seal - Nora Gayos