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    We offer

    A service that has achieved an overall rating of EXCEEDING in all the National Quality Standards. Qualified, experienced early childhood staff
  • We offer

    We offer

    A Pre-School program based on children's individual needs and interests. Comprehensive, Specialised and Individual Programs
  • We offer

    We offer

    Developing Family and Community Partnerships
  • We offer

    We offer

    Management and detailed individual and group documentations
  • We offer

    We offer

    Competitive rates with subsidies for low income families.


Hamilton Community Pre-School is a community-based, non-profit service and any profits made are channelled back into the service for the benefit of the children. The Pre-School is run by the community. We provide high quality care and learning opportunities for children aged 3- 6 years, this is evident in our National Quality Standard overall rating which was exceeding. We believe that all children need a caring, safe and stimulating learning environment to foster their individual development and interests.

We are licensed to care for 26 children per day, with 3 trained educators on the floor to guide and promote children’s learning.

The Pre-School is licensed and funded by the NSW Department of Education and Communities 



The Pre-School aims to provide a friendly, relaxed, caring, fun, supportive and accepting environment for our children, families and the community. We pride ourselves on an open door approach which is both welcoming and inviting to all.

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This service has been rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standard. For more information on the National Quality Standards, visit www.acecqa.gov.au


We offer specialised educational programs that are embedded in the children’s learning day. These include:-

  • School readiness and group skills
  • Individual objectives that target each child’s learning and developmental needs, these are placed on the child’s USB portfolio
  • Visual arts
  • Music groups
  • Independence and self help skills
  • Large language group
  • Sustainability
  • Development of gross motor skills, namely the Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Empathy and social development
  • Kids Safety Program, such as Seemore Safety and Ditto in the box.
  • Progressive documentations on the children’s interests and development
  • Detailed individual documentations that tell the story of your child’s learning with comprehensive linkages to the EYLF and National Quality Standards, A thorough Analysis of Learning with references to early childhood researchers and theorists


What can I say that will do this testimonial justice... The staff at Hamilton Community Pre-School are second to none. They are educated, well informed and have dedicated so much time to our children. They were never to busy for a chat or to provide some good old fashioned advice. The Pre-School is well stocked with so many learning activities and toys galore to keep everyone entertained. Our children have thrived on the care and love Hamilton Community Pre-School have provided. Thank you so much to all staff for making my little champs ready for school, it is a wonderful place for them to have spent their Pre-School years. M. West

NQS National Ratings

Hamilton Community Pre School has achieve the following ratings

Waiting List

For parents wishing to enrol their child at Hamilton Community Pre-School we have a waiting list form for you to download. Please fill in the form and send back to us.

Pre-School T-Shirts and Hats

When your child is placed we hold a parent orientation night, this is where the Director will provide you with your orientation package as well as have Pre-School t-shirts and hats available for you to purchase for your child. The hats meet the Cancer Council recommendations and dressing your child for Pre-School is so easier when they have one.



The Immunisation Status of your child is extremely important. Hamilton Community Preschools CAN NOT enrol children who cannot provide the following documents AIR Immunisation History Statement, AIR Immunisation History Form (ie child on recognised catch-up schemes) or AIR Immunisation Medical Exemption Form (certified by a GP) In the event of a vaccine preventable disease occurring in the Pre-School, the Director is required to notify the Public Health Unit. Un-immunised children must be excluded from the service, with fees still payable at this time. Upon enrolment families are asked to provide an AIR Immunisation History Statement for their child to enrol in the service.

Pre-School Hours

Regular: 8.30am to 4.00pm The Pre-School is closed on weekends, school and public holidays. Due to our Licensing Regulations, we are unable to open the doors to parents and children prior to 8.30am.